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Our Mission

The mission of the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce is To transform Greater Englewood into a popular commercial and retail destination by (a)dvising, (d)eveloping and (s)howcasing its established businesses and acting as a comprehensive economic development partner while creating a favorable social environment for chamber members.

We will accomplish  the work by following the pre-existing plans that were developed for the Greater Englewood community. This includes the Quality of Life Plan, Growth 180.

Our Vision

Greater Englewood will become a vibrant commercial and retail area within the City of Chicago. This will happen through on-going support and collaboration between the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce and the businesses within Greater Englewood.

Our Focus

The GE Chamber's focus is to be your "wheelhouse". Every business has unique challenges. No business automatically has expertise in all of the areas required to become a thriving entity. Our job is to provide your company support and expertise for each stage of its development. The Chamber will accomplish this by working with its members to make sure that you have access to advisory professionals who can provide you with the knowledge and expertise that you need to grow. Additionally, we will expand the reach of our members marketing efforts, promote them throughout the City of Chicago and the world, connect them to financing opportunities and continue to be a trusted partner as they evolve.

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